Find Your Direction While Learning Valuable Skills

We're looking for hungry candidates to take part in our one of a kind summer internship program. Can you beat it?


What does it take to sell a 1 million dollar deal? How about 5 million? Or 100? How do companies grow? What jobs pay the most within organizations?

Artificial Intelligence

This phase will help us understand how technology is adopted. What makes AI? How does it work? What are the jobs in AI today, and what are they most likely to become? 


Understand the ins and outs of culture. How do companies find the right candidates? How would you go about cultivating the perfect team?


Spend time finding yourself. What do you want to do? What are you good at? What will make you money? What does the world need from you? The Unity cohorts survive because of the journey each teammate takes with their group.

Social Media

Attention is the currency of the modern world. How do people capture attention? What does it take to gain the follow? We'll let you experiment with our own platforms.


Between our schools teaching us nothing, and Instagram "gurus" on 24x7 flex, money is a foreign topic. How do companies manage large amounts of money? How are these lessons applicable in our personal lives?

Program Overview.


We are excited that you're interested in joining Unity Consulting's Internship Program. This application process will be unlike any other because the program is unlike any other.

This program was designed by experts in their fields to provide the most difficult and content rich exercises possible. We've never had a class beat the whole of the program, but we continue our search every year. Is Summer '24 the special cohort?

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Your Mentors.

Rhonda Bio


Managing Partner

Currently leads Unity Consulting and is accountable for all services and programs while maintaining direct responsibility for the People practice.



Head of Learning and Development

Currently leading the teams for Unity's Learning and Development programs which internal and client related activities.



Head of Media Productions

Currently leading Media and Productions at Unity Consulting and across the various brands we support.

Armon Bio


Chief Revenue Officer

Currently leading Revenue and Growth for a $100,000,000 tech Firm. Armon is a friend of the firm and acts as one of the mentors for our summer programs.

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