First Step


We are excited that you're interested in joining Unity Consulting. This application process will be unlike any other.

Here are some things to understand about our firm:

  1. We don't publish our open roles. We are always looking for amazing people. Instead, we will ask you to provide some information about what types of responsibilities you would prefer to have on the team.
  2. Unity Consulting is a demanding place to work. Our team holds itself to a high standard. Both leaders and individuals are intentional about maintaining the standard. 
  3. Our Core Values are: Solve any problem, Constant communication, Objective debate, Radical candor, Extreme ownership.
  4. We place little value on feeling as emotions come and go. Instead we follow a simple motto "don't be right, seek what's right." This is a reminder that the collective matters far more than the individual at Unity Consulting.

Here are the commitments we make to every person who joins the Unity Consulting Team:

  1. You will matter. We are very serious about the long term well-being of our teammates. No one will protect and defend their people more intently than the team that exists here. 
  2. You will work among the most creative, talented, and hardest working people in the world. While you may be on-of-a-kind, you will be among equally unique and talented individuals.
  3. You will achieve beyond your wildest dreams. Everyone at Unity is focused on the impossible and share in the rewards of achieving new heights.
  4. Your ideas will be welcomed and desired. From the intern to the CEO, creativity, ingenuity, and solutions are expected.

This is the first step in a long journey. We will ask you to provide some information about the type of role you want on this team and what drives you. We do not accept resumes, but we will ask you to provide your LinkedIn and relevant social media. This will serve as your portfolio of work completed. Please make sure it's up to date before submitting your application. Required fields are marked with an *.

We're looking forward to meeting you!